YOUTH MARTIAL ARTS classes in High Point


Our youth martial arts program strives to give your children the very best in self defense training. We have gathered the core aspects of multiple styles and combined them together with fun drills, games, and fitness for your children.  With a high emphasis on respect and self control, we want to teach children how to have a Black Belt attitude in life, not just in martial arts class.  With regular competitions in grappling and kickboxing both in school and out, we have an active competition team as well.  Our children have won statewide, east coat, national and international titles.  

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Class format  


Our classes start on the hour, however your children won't line up until quarter after.  We use those first 15 minutes as a crucial time for team building and fellowship.  Then we move to structured agility and fitness drills.  

 SKILL training

Then we go through that days scheduled skills.  We sort these by category. The categories include Self Defense, Kickboxing, and Grappling.  Every drill we do involves working together, trouble shooting, practicing patience and  staying dedicated!  


At Edge Combat Arts, we want your children to have fun!  Nearly every class will end with a fun and beneficial game.  However, we choose games that work on trouble shooting skills, highlight attributes, and develop team work.  Play with purpose!


Our instructors

Youth Martial Arts High Point NC

Josh Tufte

Head Instructor - Founder of Edge Combat Arts

With more than 22 years of experience in martial arts Josh has trained with the best in the business including Joe Luis, Bill Wallace, Johnathon Banks, Allen Branch and many more!  Josh teaches all youth and adult martial arts classes.

6th Degree Black Belt AMAS

3rd Degree Black Belt JLFS

1st Degree Black Belt IKI

Youth Martial Arts High Point NC

Brock Rogers

Instructor - Kickboxing ad Boxing

Brock has been training with Josh for nearly five years and has achieved his 1st Degree Black Belt.  During this time, he has been teaching youth martial arts along side Josh and proven himself  to be an excellent teacher and role model for the children.

 1st Degree Black Belt AMAS

2nd Degree Black Belt ECA

Collegiate Boxer for Wake Forest


Elizabeth Brooks

Instructor - Youth Martial Arts

Elizabeth has been working with children since she graduated from college with a BA in Behavioral Health for Children.  Since then, she has taken up martial arts and been an integral part of our youth program ever since.  

1st Degree Black Belt AMAS

1st Degree Black Belt IKI

1st Degree Black Belt ECA

F.A.S.T. Defense Certified

Edge Combat arts EXPLAINED

What makes Edge Combat Arts so different from other styles?  

First and foremost is our instructors!  All our instructors have real black belts in multiple styles and many of them are proven in the amateur and professional arena.  In 2016 Josh Tufte became the highest ranked heavy weight professional boxersince Calvin Brock in the late 90's and early 2000's.  Reaching the top 20 boxers in the US for multiple sanctioning bodies and top 70 in the world on Boxrec.  Brock Rogers also competes regularly for Wake Forest as a collegiate boxer, in grappling tournaments for NAGA and Kickboxing matches.  Not only are you sure to have top level instructors for skill but also experience and accreditation.  Elizabeth Brooks graduated college with a BA in behavioral health for children and has over 5 years of experience teaching youth martial arts.  Josh Tufte has a degree in Biblical Children's Education, worked for 4 years as a full time children's minister, and has been teaching youth martial arts for 17 years.  


Our family tree is strong in the martial arts!  Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Bruce Lee, Emanuel Steward and so many others have had a direct hand in our style and teach our instructors.  And if you want to know the pedigree of the information being given to you, look at the level your instructor has been taught.  Perhaps some of the most famous, influential and revolutionary teachers of all time have shaped our style.


Our Student Body!  We are proud of our students.  Both kids and adults work hard for an opportunity to come into class and learn how to better themselves for years on end.  We have students currently practicing that have been with us for over 15 years!