High Point Fitness And Martial Arts Classes at Edge Fitness

On this page, you will find all the information you need to know about Edge and its programs. From our instructors to our individual classes you can see what we are all about and what programs we offer to you. High Point Fitness And Martial Arts Classes are getting a makeover by Edge Fitness!

You will also learn about which of our instructors teaching classes and during what times. Each and every trainer at Edge Fitness has a unique personality and training style. We are confident you will find things you love about each class and its teachers.

Feel free to click on the more information button or the titles of the individual programs to get a deeper look into what we do that makes us different from other gyms.

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Group Fitness Classes

Our Group Fitness Classes are the best around bringing High Point Fitness Classes to a whole new level! We are not your standard gym. Our Classes are geared for participants of all fitness levels and ages. We welcome everyone just the way they are! Our certified instructors have taught thousands of classes and combined, have over 45 years of experience just teaching group fitness! We pride ourselves on the ability to make every class as difficult as you need, no more and no less. Even though we want to “Destroy” you, we want you to feel accomplished leaving class. Not sick or injured.  Click the title for more information on Group Fitness Classes in high point NC.

Adult Martial Arts Classes - Sport Combat Classes

Our Sport Combat classes are a unique blend of Boxing and Kickboxing skills combined with Russian Sambo and BJJ.  Our Sport Combat program isn’t just for fighters though, we offer a great atmosphere and family friendly environment for everyone.  Our unique classes blend together high-level training, safety, fitness, and fun!  Fighters both amateur and professional train along side of brand new students and many times help them learn their way around the ring.   Click the title for more information on Adult Martial Arts Classes in High Point NC.

Youth Martial Arts Classes

Looking for top-notch self-defense and martial arts training for your children? Edge Fitness and Combat Arts brings you top-tier training in Krav Maga, Boxing, Kickboxing, Sambo, BJJ, F.A.S.T Defense and more! Lead by Josh Tufte, world ranked amateur kick-boxer and professional boxer you can rest assured you are getting the best instruction around. We have gathered the core aspects of multiple styles and combined them together with fun drills, games, and fitness for your children.  With a high emphasis on respect and self-control, we want to teach children how to have a Black Belt attitude in life, not just in martial arts class.  With regular competitions in grappling and kickboxing, we have an active competition team as well. For more information on Youth Martial Arts Classes in High Point NC click the title!

Personal Training

Edge Fitness and Combat Arts offers personal training for both fitness and combat arts. If you are looking to lose weight and get in shape or to learn how to defend yourself, we have trainers that can help! Lead by Kevin and Josh Tufte we have more than 60 years of combined personal training experience. With also have a licensed physical therapist and dietitian on retainer, so you can rest assured that if we don’t know the answer to your question or problem we can find it. We pride ourselves on having some of the very best personal trainers in High Point, that are not only qualified but excited to work with you! For more information on Personal Training in High Point NC, click on the title.

Adult Martial Arts Classes - Self Defense Classes

At Edge Fitness and Combat Arts, our Adult Martial Arts Classes are split into two primary groups, Self Defense and Sports Combat. Our Self Defense program focuses on Krav Maga and is one of the only ones around that is certified by an institution based in Israeli Krav Maga.  We take what we have learned from instructors from overseas and combine it with F.A.S.T Defense.  A system developed by Bill Kipp that teaches you how to deal with the adrenal dump that happens in your body during a conflict. For more information on Self Defense Classes in High Point NC, click the title!

Yoga Classes

Looking for Yoga Classes in High Point, NC? Edge Fitness has the very best of Yoga and Power Stretch right here with convenient class times for you! Yoga has been a staple in fitness training for years as the number one method for flexibility, relaxation, and core strength!  Yoga and Power Stretch Classes in High Point by Edge Fitness focus on relaxing your body and mind while giving you a solid workout. At Edge Fitness we want to provide the High Point, NC area with the very best Yoga classes possible. With classes in the morning right after our group fitness, and in the evening right after you get out of work, we want to make stretching a daily staple of your life.  Our instructors are certified professionals who put together structured, fun, and functional Yoga Classes. Click the title for more information on Yoga Classes in High Point NC!