Self Defense is a huge topic of discussion, especially with the level of violence and hate our world is seeing. The everyday citizen that used to feel safe now wonders if their workplace, school, or shopping center will be subject to the next mass shooting or terror attack.  Conceal and Carry permit purchase is at an all-time high in the US and gun sales are through the roof.  Martial Arts centers all across the United State are reaping the benefits of a populace looking to defend themselves.  Still, one major question looms on the horizon…


Before we answer this question, we have to clarify one crucial point first.  There are essentially two different types of martial arts.  The first is sports competition based.  Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Tea Kwon Do, Karate, etc are all examples of sports combat based arts.  Sport combat arts are centered around the idea that you will be competing within a certain rule set.  Boxers can’t kick each other and therefore don’t train to defend kicks.  MMA fighters can’t stab each other and therefore do not prepare to defend themselves against knives.  None of these styles are better or worse, they are just different.  Each has a certain skill set and a list of benefits and downfalls.  They are not meant for street fighting and shouldn’t be judged by those terms or even paired with them in serious conversation.

The second is street based, which is slang for situational combat arts.  These arts deal with more realistic situations and confrontations.  A mugging in the store parking lot attempted rape, abduction, robberies, and mass shootings are just a few situations you train for.  These arts, however, do little if nothing to prepare a person to fight inside a ring or octagon.  In these arts, there are several factors you have to take into account before you rate them.

1 – How relevant is the art?  Does the style evolve to meet the ever-changing dangers of today’s world?

2 – What physical attributes are required to practice the art?  Do I have to be in shape, flexible, and 100% mobile to practice the art?

3 – What type of training does that particular art provide?  Does this school of thought train me not only to have good solid technique but also to deal with pressure and adrenaline?

4 – What is the art history?  Has this particular style proven itself over time to be effective by a vast number of people?

Before I name my personal pick, there is one more thing we have to clarify.  Individual schools can raise or lower the standards of the style you choose.  Why do I mention this?  I receive the inevitable “I tried that style and the teacher was awful so you’re wrong” or the “My school trains differently so you’re wrong” arguments.  We are talking in broad strokes and generalizing entire styles based on an instructor we’ve encountered; some instructors are simply different in their set of knowledge. I’m generalizing styles, not specific instructors and this requires a certain amount of liberties to be taken by me.

With that being said, my personal pick for the most lethal art is Krav Maga.  We will judge it by the criteria I have set above.

1 – How relevant is the art?:  As one of the largest and most popular forms of self-defense in the world, Krav is constantly undergoing change and evolving to meet people’s self-defense needs around the world.  With hundreds of thousands of students and teachers, it’s nearly impossible for the art not to stay up to date.  Furthermore, it’s foundation which is Military training in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), has to stay up to date with the world’s threats or it risks being overpowered.

2 – What sort of Physical attributes does it require?:  Krav is meant to be down, dirty, and quick so that you can survive an attack.  Therefore, there are no required physical attributes or skills.  Literally, anyone can learn how to defend themselves if they are willing to learn.  You don’t have to be young and flexible, though many schools add cardio and strength training into at least a few classes to help students gain motor skills and physical conditioning.

3 – What type of training does the art focus on?:  Since Krav is originally a military art, the style has a strong base in reality training.  We can start slow and then pick up the intensity as you learn and grow.  It also has a high focus on different situations you might face in the street, which helps you get your mind around the idea of being attacked in different scenarios.

4 – What is the art’s history?: Krav was founded by a nation that was worn torn, beaten, and bruised to be the most effective and brutal form of fighting in the world.  It is now tested daily in one of the most war-torn nations in the world.  Krav has a history of working when it’s needed most in every scenario possible.

Where Can I Get Krav Maga Classes In High Point

To sum things up, Krav Maga is the most effective art because it’s the largest art with realistic training and strong combat background in the world right NOW.  No other art is as relevant or brutal on the whole or works for as many people at the same time as Krav Maga does.  If you are looking for Krav Maga Classes In High Point, NC then come to Edge Fitness and Combat Arts to see our extensive class schedule and meet our instructors.  We offer a FREE trial week with unlimited participation so that you can make sure we are the right option for you.

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