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Do you struggle to stay with your New Year's resolutions? Here are a few tips that will help you stay in the fight!

Josh Tufte
Josh Tufte
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January 5, 2023
Do you struggle to stay with your New Year's resolutions? Here are a few tips that will help you stay in the fight!

Why is it so hard to stay with our resolutions every year?

This is a question I've been asked hundreds of times since I started personal training around 20 years ago. Often it's not setting our goals that hard; it's following through with achieving them.

Before I start, I want to give a disclaimer. Every person is different and has very unique circumstances. I've gleaned these observations from being in the gym 4-7 days a week for the last 28 years. This advice is meant to be taken by an individual and made to fit your specific circumstance.

With that said, let's get down to the nitty-gritty!

Why don't people stick with their resolutions?

I hear these three things so often it hurts my head.

Sitting at the number one spot is TIME.

It goes like this, "My schedule is too crazy." This is also popular, "When things calm down, I'll start." Schedules are insane, work pays the bills, family is essential, vacation happens, and life sometimes doesn't play nicely with our calendar. We can have the best of intentions but never seem to be able to pin down a schedule for our health. We need more time to eat right or work out. Taking time to make sure I'm well rested...HAH!

I get it. Life is crazy.

Here is the cold hard truth, though, You will only have time to take care of yourself if you make time!

That means a couple things.

1- Make yourself a priority. This is NOT selfish! You can not care for others well if you are sick and unhealthy. There is an intelligent reason airlines tell you to place the mask on yourself before the person next to you. How much can you help if you go down? How well can you provide for your family if you get sick, depressed, unhealthy, or injured? How good will your time with family be if you are angry, temperamental, and have no energy? Making time for yourself will build a better self to love and be with others. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make for those around you. Treat yourself well so that you can treat others well. This will only happen if YOU are a priority. That means time for working out, eating healthy, and resting.

2- Find a buddy. Life works better when others are alongside us; this is absolutely true of fitness. Studies have repeatedly shown that weight loss, strength gain, and general health increase faster and more consistently with a friend to help encourage and keep you accountable. This can look like joining the same gym and setting a workout schedule together, getting the same trainer, or making weekly phone calls to check in. People tend to show up more often when someone is waiting for them.

3- Set alarms and reminders. It takes around 90 days of consistency to make a habit and less than four weeks to break one. Set reminders on your phone, in your notes, in your fridge, or anywhere you see them daily. Help yourself make yourself a priority!

The number two spot goes to MONEY.

Everything is expensive right now. Health and fitness are no exceptions unless you do them right.

Eating healthy can be crazy expensive or crazy cheap if you know how to shop right. Getting a trainer is a financial investment no matter what your income, but a good trainer is worth every penny.

The best way to overcome this is to budget what you can afford. That is plenty if you have a $90.00 gym budget and a $200 monthly food budget. You can scale your fitness journey to your level of finances. Keeping in mind $200 a month for groceries will get you plenty of chicken, veggies, and rice, which is very healthy but could be more exciting. Whereas $400.00 will get you some steak and sides. This will also help you decide what type of gym and membership you will be looking for. A place like Planet Fitness is lovely if you have $10-$20 for your gym budget. Many people find that a program with group fitness or some skill to learn, like boxing, kickboxing, racket ball, tennis, or other skill, helps keep their interest high. These will cost more, though.

We also highly recommend that you find something you enjoy. This will make keeping your appointments easier and make the money you spend on them feel worth it. If you are pulling nails every day to work out, then chances are you will not stick with it. Find something that you enjoy doing.

I love powerlifting and combat arts. All my workouts focus on these two avenues, keeping me happy, interested, and in shape.

Your mix might be very different. I know many people who attend dancing classes three days a week or run every morning. Find what works for you and make it a priority in your schedule and bank account.

Number three falls quickly to DISCOURAGEMENT.

Starting feels excellent; you walk away with a bit of soreness but overflowing with pride. However, every path has hiccups.

Listen, you will fail in a one-way, shape, or form eventually.

This is not the end of your journey!

The key is having a solid plan and accountability partner for this. You may get sick and fall out of the habit of the gym after. Potentially you slack off for a week and then decide you like sleeping more than you like working out. Whatever obstacles you face, failure is a learning opportunity, not the end of your journey. Learn from what you did wrong, adapt and overcome.

Mornings not working in a consistent way? Move your workout time a little later. Is your diet not clicking for you? Change it up to another healthy option.

Another way to fight discouragement is to find guidance. A personal trainer, online program, 12-week schedule, or other options that give you solid guidance. It's hard to get lost when you have a guide. When you have a plan to follow, your journey gets easier. Instead of wandering around the gym guessing what to do next, you can confidently move from one day to the next. Knowing where you are going will help you understand where you are.

There are thousands of ways to do this, and even if I typed them all out, you wouldn't stay around to read them. So think of it this way.

Create and mold your fitness routine to your schedule and personality.

You have to make it Your Journey!

To sum this up, make your health a priority, budget financially to achieve success, and fight discouragement with company, accountability, and direction!

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Josh Tufte

Josh has over 25 years of martial arts experience as well as his CPT and SNS certifications for fitness training.