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Looking for a great Gym in High Point or Kernersville NC?

Edge Fitness LLC offers a premier Gym Membership in High Point NC. If you are looking for a private, family-owned gym that is not overcrowded and commercial we are the place you’re looking for. We have a full line of strength training equipment including Power Racks, Extensive Dumbbell Selection, Kettle Bells, TRX Trainers, Cable machines, and a top-of-the-line Boxing Ring and Heavy Bag setup. With your gym membership, you have unlimited access to our resources during open gym hours and we provide professional and customized strength training, toning, boxing, and weight loss programs for you to follow.

Looking for a great way to tone your body, lose weight, and get in shape?

We have grown and you get the perks!


Sign up for our 7-Days for $7.00 and take advantage of unlimited classes for 7 days. Sign up for a regular membership during this time and get a Free Personal Training Session with no registration fees.

24/7 Access Coming SOON

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What perks you ask?

25000 SQ FT

Plenty of space for your workout, birthday party, or martial arts journey...You can even bring a friend.


We have nearly 200 five star reviews between both gyms on Google and other sites. See what so many people are raving about


We have over 80 classes a week between both the gyms. From Youth Martial Arts to Kickboxing Fitness we have you covered.

20+ Professional Trainers

Certified professional trainers that are here to help you accomplish your fitness and martial arts goals!

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We focused on creating a space that is usable for multiple purposes with a focus on functional strength training and free weights. If you want endless lines of machines (nothing wrong with that) we are not the gym for you. We have a smaller, focused work area that allows you to have a personal interaction with the trainers and other members of the gym. We keep a close eye on our membership and make sure never to allow more members than the gym can handle. This translates to no lines, personal interaction with trainers and owners, stellar customer service, and a community of fitness enthusiasts that are committed to their journey.  


Exclusive, we are a small family-owned gym but Everyone is welcome inside our doors. Out of shape? Come on in. Been a gym rat for years? Bring your bad self inside. As long as you’re friendly, you’re welcome!

A meat factory…Nope, just nope.

Commercial, we are a Gym in a warehouse off the beaten path in High Point NC. Family-owned, personal, and slightly odd…but definitely not commercial.

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Open Gym Schedule

24/7 Access Coming SOON!!

See our Schedule Page for gym hours.

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If you are looking for a private, family-owned gym that is not overcrowded and commercial we are the place you’re looking for.

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