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Youth Martial Arts Classes at Edge Fitness and Combat Arts

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Our youth martial arts program strives to give your children the very best in self-defense training. We have gathered the core aspects of multiple styles and combined them together with fun drills, games, and fitness for your children.  With a high emphasis on respect and self-control, we want to teach children how to have a Black Belt attitude in life, not just in martial arts class.  With regular competitions in grappling and kickboxing both in school and out, we have an active competition team as well.  Our children have won statewide, east coast, national and international titles.

Currently, we have classes four days a week.

Monday and Wednesday evening at 6:15 pm

Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5:15 pm

Our Classes follow a schedule of rotation through each of the subjects we cover, Kickboxing, Grappling, and Self-Defense. This ensures your children will receive a well-rounded education in multiple forms of self-defense. Our style mixes elements of Krav Maga, American Kickboxing, Russian Sambo, BJJ and F.A.S.T Defense.

Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts Classes are an easy way for you to put your child or children into a positive situation where they will learn self-control, respect, honor and valuable self-defense skills. With life moving at the pace it does, it can be hard to track the influences both positive and negative in our children’s lives. At Edge, we put your children in an environment where they can learn respect and self-control in a fun way. They interact with other children who have been learning the same things for years and see the benefits.

Dealing with ADD or ADHD? Martial Arts Classes are a great way to direct your child’s access energy into something positive. We teach children how to control themselves and defense themselves.

Worried about bullies at school? Or maybe you are worried about your child becoming the bully? Martial Arts Classes are one of the best ways to deal with both scenarios!

Youth Martial Arts Group

Youth Martial Arts Classes

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Our classes start on the hour, however, your children won’t line up until quarter after.  We use those first 15 minutes as a crucial time for team building and fellowship.  Then we move to structured agility and fitness drills.


Then we go through that day’s scheduled skills.  We sort these by category. The categories include Self Defense, Kickboxing, and Grappling.  Every drill we do involves working together, troubleshooting, practicing patience and staying dedicated!


At Edge Combat Arts, we want your children to have fun!  Nearly every class will end with a fun and beneficial game.  However, we choose games that work on trouble shooting skills, highlight attributes, and develop teamwork.  Play with purpose!

If you are looking for a world class youth martial arts program for your children we would love to have you try a FREE class!

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