Edge Fitness and  Fitness One are now one and the same!

We are growing and you get the benefits!

What does this mean?

25000 SQ Ft

Plenty of space for your workout, birthday party, or martial arts journey...You can even bring a friend.

5 Stars

We have nearly 200 five star reviews between both gyms on Google and other sites. See what so many people are raving about.

80+ Classes

We have over 80 classes a week between both the gyms. From Youth Martial Arts to Kickboxing Fitness we have you covered.

Whats going to be new?

Gym App

We have a gym app on the way that will provide you with all sorts of members solutions including class scheduling, check ins, video resources and more.

24/7 Access

24/7 access to the gym is coming and soon. Be patient with us as we are transitioning through several different systems but this is coming and soon. You are going to love it!

Gym Seminars

Got bad knees? We got a seminar for that. Want to learn self-defense? We have a seminar for that. Gym events are on the horizon! You can find them by clicking on our events page.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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Will Membership Rates Increase?

No rate increases will take place for existing members of either gym. This will be a net gain for everyone at our gyms!

Can We use Both Gyms?

YES! We want people from both locations to form relationships at each of them. We are now one gym community, which is what makes us great.

Will We Be Edge Fitness Or Fitness One in Name?

Soon both locations will be called Edge Fitness, with Kernersville or High Point tagged onto the name.

What about our favorite Trainers?

We love the trainers that are at both locations. Our goal is to make everything better, not remove items, classes, or people. This includes trainers. We are happy to have more and more people join our staff at what we think is the best gym ever!

Will programs go away?

We hope to take no classes away, though some might be moved around or to different locations. This is also dependent on you. As a business, we can't keep classes open that cost us money. Classes of 8 or more or classes that are showing signs of growth will be kept. Others might need to be re-organized or changed completely.

We are on a MISSION

Our Mission is to empower our community to live healthy and secure lives.

We do this by offering the best fitness and martial arts training to the Triad area in every class and program.
We are not a gym where you are just a number. We are a community of people on a journey together to get fit and live confidently.
About Josh and kevin

So who are these guys and why did they buy fitness one?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Dad and I have been working out together since I (Josh) started martial arts in 1995, and Dad (Old Geezer) started kickboxing fitness shortly after. Quickly we fell in love! Through the years, we worked in various gyms in many different positions, including being two of the founding trainers here at Fitness One when it first opened. In 2016 Dad and I realized a lifelong dream of owning a gym together with Edge Fitness LLC in High Point, NC. Since then, we have grown tremendously to the point we are no longer able to fit comfortably in our building. After we recovered from the disruption of COVID-19, we decided it was time to expand. This leads us to today, and can I say it's good to be back.  The positive response has been overwhelming, and we can't wait to build off this fantastic foundation together with you.

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