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At Edge Fitness LLC in Kernersville NC we take the best aspects of Krav Maga, BJJ, Russian Sombo, Kickboxing, and military combat tactics to teach you real world self-defense. Now you can learn the fighting arts of the Israeli military, and the worlds elite right in the center of the Triad, Kernersville. Sign up for our 7-Days for $7.00 specials and take advantage of unlimited classes for 7 days. Sign up for our regular membership during this time and get a Free Personal Training Session with no registration fees.

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"The Krav is the real deal! I hope to get to a black belt status over the years to come! I am impressed and grateful for the trainers who push me, but don't mock me."

Jessica B. Krav Maga Student

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Learn proven self defense at Edge Fitness in Kernersville, NC.

Self Defense & Krav Maga
Boxing & Kickboxing
Grappling & MMA

Learn Self Defense for Fun, Fitness, and Fighting.


A mixture of Krav Maga and F.A.S.T Defense, our self-defense program combines Israeli combat arts with fear and adrenal training to give you the edge you need in self-defense training.

Verbal Skills

Studies have shown that three out of four violent situations can be deescalated verbally if properly handled. We lean skills and strategies to help our students avoid dangerous situations .


Hand to Hand combat is still America's largest and most popular form of attack. Learn from world champions how to deal with a wide array of strikes while gaining unparalleled speed and coordination.

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